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Studio Nadalini


Paediatric dentistry deals with oral health in the period between birth and adolescence. 
The dentist makes sure to check, correct and prevent anomalies in the development of the teeth and maxillary bones and to treat and prevent the spread of tooth decay.

Dentists are also able to provide information about:

  • Proper oral hygiene

  • Suitable diet

  • Using dummies and bottles correctly

  • Using fluoride

  • Preventing dental trauma.

Paediatric dentists closely collaborate with fellow orthodontists

It is also important to help parents to correctly encourage their children to adopt good oral hygiene. Treating and preventing decay in baby teeth is the best and less expensive path to healthy and well aligned adult teeth.


  • Restoration of deciduous teeth (baby teeth)

  • Root canal treatment in deciduous teeth

  • Extractions of deciduous teeth

  • Topical fluoride treatment

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