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Studio Nadalini
Studio Nadalini

Playing sport contributes to an increased risk of accidents. Being aware of this helps to limit its negative effects.

Special precautions must be taken for children because their rate of dental accidents is much higher. As a result, it is the parents’ and educators’ job to give children the best means to prevent these accidents and teach them about correct and continuous use. 

In recent years, the world of sport has seen an increasingly widespread use of dental guards or protective devices for dental arches, with a consequent reduction in the number of accidents.

These products must ensure effective protection from trauma during sport, such as martial arts.

Some of the greatest benefits experienced by people who regularly use a dental guard during training sessions or sport include:

  • Reduction of accidents

  • Greater resistance

  • Increase of strength

  • Improved breathing

  • Improved postural balance.

Remember: in order to be beneficial, sport requires certain safety and protection precautions against possible accidents. For teeth, the only effective method is a mouth guard.

Our mouth guards are a medical device made with tested materials and come with certification CEE 07/47

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