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Studio Nadalini

The founder, Vincenzo Nadalini

It all began back in 1948, when Vincenzo, the father of the current practice owners, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Modena. After years of working as a general practitioner, he studied dentistry, specialising in oral medicine in Bologna in 1956. He then opened a small dental clinic on Via Mantova in Trento. Twenty years after opening his first clinic, he successfully opened his new and present-day practice on Via Pilati in Trento.

For over twenty years Vincenzo was a Council Member for the AMDI in Rome (Association of Italian Doctors and Dentists). On behalf of the Order and the Government, he represented Italian dentists at the EEC in Brussels for nine years.

Vincenzo passed on his love of the dental profession to four of his five children. His family project was to create a true “dental clinic”.

In 1994, his sons Danilo and Alberto took over the practice, renovating it on several occasions. Together with their constant professional growth made up of research, avant-garde approach and passion, they retained all the respectability, professionalism and tradition of their father, their first teacher in life and profession.

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