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Dealing with complex dental treatments such as oral surgery or implantology, require special attention to the patient.

For this reason, the Nadalini studio has always been very attentive to the needs of each individual patient or teacher, which is why we decided to make the B&B Cervo d'Oro a Segonzano and Relais Villa Sizzo a Ravina 



Frazione Gresta 28/A - 38047 SEGONZANO (TN) VALLE di CEMBRA

Cell. +39 347 8430133 - Cell. +39 335 7043952 

Email:  web:

The Cervo d'Oro Bed & Breakfast is located halfway up the eastern side of the Cembra Valley, not far from the Avisio stream which shaped it and still flows through it. The structure is surrounded by a spectacular natural environment, in which guests can comfortably immerse themselves, equipped with a private park, offering pleasant walks among centuries-old chestnut trees and dry stone walls, with shaded stops in which to rest and regenerate.

B&B Cervo D'Oro
Relais Villa Sizzo


Via Centrale, 18 – 38123 RAVINA (TN)


Tel + 39 0461 1750000

Email: web

Refined hospitality in the historic setting of Villa Sizzo. A few minutes from the center of Trento, in the historic center of the town of Ravina on the other side of the Adige river, you will be welcomed in the refined setting of Villa Sizzo, summer residence of the Sizzo counts since 1600. Here the taste for design mixes with a place full of history.

The rooms are conceived as finely furnished suites, equipped with every comfort, where the taste for design mixes with a place full of history. Relais Villa Sizzo is the ideal space to relax in a unique atmosphere.

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