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Studio Nadalini
Studio Nadalini

In the child, orthodontic therapy aims to intercept any developmental and growth defects in the jaws and teeth early.
In adults, the goal of orthodontic treatment is to improve both the aesthetics of the smile and the functionality of the chewing system, treating smile defects and functional problems caused by misalignment of the teeth, which involve the mandibular joints and the chewing muscles.

In order to overcome the aesthetic discomfort, which often accompanies orthodontic treatment, new techniques and materials have been developed in recent years, which allow us to propose alternatives to traditional braces including:


Studio Nadalini
  • Fixed devices with aesthetic ceramic attachments

  • Tongue devices with attachments facing into the mouth rather than outwards

  • Transparent plastic aligners developed through the use of 3D software which, after taking a fingerprint, allows the creation of thin and invisible shells that in sequential series impress the programmed movement on the teeth (INVISALIGN)

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