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Studio Nadalini
Studio Nadalini

In our studio there is a laboratory with a team of dental technicians qualified people with considerable experience, able to best offer all the services listed below.
In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our patients, they are created “in house”, all prosthetic rehabilitations, whether fixed on natural dental elements or artificial roots (implants), or mobile or combined (skeletons or prostheses with precision attachments).

Following the tradition of our father Vincenzo, always aimed at innovation, we make use of the mostmodern CAD/CAM technologies, cutting-edge products and through an interactive connection, the clinic and laboratory are constantly "online".

Our dental technicians follow constantly refresher courses at high training centers to maintain high levels of professionalism, and keep up with the rapid technological evolution of the sector. 

Thanks to our acquired knowledge, we periodically organize, within the laboratory, training courses dedicated to colleagues regarding different aspects. of modern dental technology. 


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