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Studio Nadalini
Studio Nadalini

Evolution of traditional orthodontics linked to the use of mobile or fixed braces with metal or ceramic brackets, it is invisible orthodontics which allows you to perfectly align the teeth in an aesthetic and functional way, wearing an orthodontic brace practically INVISIBLE

Made with "shells" or transparent masks ("aligners") managed independently by the patient, and created to measure, through a virtual simulation of the entire treatment, under the supervision of the orthodontist.

Based on the simulated treatment, how many different masks will be created, depending on the complexity of the case, to be replaced regularly every approximately 2 weeks.

No one will notice the slight, but constant pull taking place.

The invisible braces "INVISALIGN" has multiple advantages:

  • aesthetic: removes the potential psychological and social discomfort of traditional braces

  • hygienic: the mask can be removed allowing for more thorough oral hygiene

  • comfort

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