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Studio Nadalini
Studio Nadalini

Dental prosthesis is a product used to replace original teeth lost due to traumas or decay / periodontal damage. Depending on the teeth, the prosthesis may be fixed or mobile.

A fixed prosthesis is a resin or ceramic product cemented onto appropriately prepared existing teeth. These products can be made with a metal skeleton on which the tooth shape is formed in ceramic, resin, or special metal-free ceramics (e.g. zirconia). Fixed prostheses also include “veneers”, thin ceramic layers applied to the front teeth mainly for aesthetic purposes, to disguise imperfections in colour, shape or position. 

Where there are no teeth, mobile prosthesis (classic dentures) must be used, supported only by the gums, to restore appearance and function. These products are built to replace entire arches or parts thereof.


Studio Nadalini


  • Ceramic veneers

  • Zirconia crowns or bridges

  • Full ceramic crowns or bridges

  • Metal ceramic crowns or bridges


  • Upper or lower full prostheses

  • Upper or lower partial skeleton prostheses (resin and nylon)

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