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Studio Nadalini

Endodontic treatment is used when a lesion (decay or trauma) causes an irreversible alteration of the pulp tissue, the innermost part of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is often the only alternative to extracting the damaged tooth and allows for non-vital teeth to be kept for many years.
It is also possible to save teeth treated in the past to remove granulomas and bacterial infections, by retreating the root canals (root canal treatment review). 
Even with proper endodontics, it is often difficult to eradicate the infection at the apex of the tooth, in which case surgical intervention is required, through the gum and bone, so that the apex and surrounding infected area can be removed (apicoectomy), thereby saving the tooth.


  • Root canal treatment of vital or necrotic mono- or pluriradicular teeth

  • Review of root canal treatment

  • Endodontic surgery 

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